Supernatural Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) is a contemporary ministry training institute, specializing in spiritual Bible training—building, developing, and equipping believers with the Scriptures to function supernaturally in all areas of life and ministry.

Our emphasis is to provide high-quality training in a condensed format so that students can live at home, keep their jobs, and stay in their local church.

SMTI makes a college-level standard of Bible education affordable and easily accessible to the multitude of believers who are seriously pursuing excellence in ministry.

Since its inception in the early 1980s, SMTI has graduated over 7,000 students from the United States and several foreign countries, including France, Argentina, and the Philippines.

SMTI is a nine month program (September - May) that takes place at Jubilee Family Church for three hours every Sunday afternoon (1-3pm) via video teaching. 


Total cost is $700.00 per year

If tuition is paid in-full on the first day of classes, 10% will be taken off the total cost ($630.00)

Payment Plan: $175 Deposit | $75.00 / Month


Financial Aid: At this current time we do not provide any form of financial aid.


Supernatural Helps 

Ministerial Practicalities

Advanced Survival Techniques


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