We take seriously the mandate found in Mark 16, to go into all the world preaching the gospel and making disciples. We believe that one of the biggest and most unreached mission fields in the world is children. All over our community are children who have never heard the name of Jesus and worse yet, don't know His love.

We have taken the mandate to go into our community with the Gospel of hope, love, and truth through what we call our Mobile Kids Club (MKC). Mobile Kids Club is just that, a mobile club that is able to go wherever need be in order to effectively teach about the Gospel. We have chosen to reach out to low income districts within our community for Jesus said the Kingdom is theirs (Matthew 5).

Every club is rooted in five truths we believe every person needs to understand: 1. God Loves Me 2. I Have Sinned 3. Jesus Died For My Sin 4. I Need To Live For Jesus 5. I will Point Others To Jesus. Every lesson we teach will weave in and out of these five truths. It is our greatest desire to win children, teens, and parents to Jesus. Each club provides a great atmosphere for people to connect with God through; uplifting music, funny skits, games and powerful messages that speak to the whole family. We believe in the power of God's word to change circumstances and ultimately lives.

At the end of EVERY club we make it a point to do three things. First we give an opportunity for children, teens, and adults to give their lives to Jesus. Next we ask if anyone is need of healing, we believe we have been empowered by God to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. Then lastly, we commission every child, teen, and adult to bring others to Jesus, either by bringing them to Club the following week or to church that following Sunday! Through our clubs we are reaching the lost of Oskaloosa with the message of Hope. 

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer please contact Levi State at 641-673-9852!