For many years Jubilee Family Church has been 100% civicly active. As great of a feat as that is, we believe there is still more that we can do. This year Pastor Bill introduced the "Our Family Initiative", where every family in JFC is committed to seeing their immediate family register to vote and follow through by voting in November 2014 primary. Some of you may say, "Does my vote really matter? Why should I try to get my family to vote is it really doesn't change anything?" Well to answer those questions, watch the short video below by David Barton of WallBuilders Ministries.. 

Below is a quick tool you can use to see who in your family is and is not registered to vote. Simply provide the needed information and you will know the next course of action. If they are, great! Remind them to vote on election day or fill out an absentee ballot. If they have not yet registered, print them out a registration from and hand deliver it to them. click [here] for a registration form!